"Here's the Ultimate, NO B.S. 'Take-You-by-the-Hand', 'Make- You-Get-Off-Your-Butt' and 'Force-You-To-Take-Action' Personal Sales & Business Coaching That Guarantees Your Success"

...And I’m So Sure of the Results I’ve Got a $500 Wager at Stake to PROVE Your Business Has Hidden Profits Waiting to be Discovered

$500 Bill


From: Tim Tarango
June 7, 2010

Dear Friend,

Please excuse my audacity but I’m willing to bet $500 that your business can be a lot more profitable (and fun) than it is now...

That’s because the top-earners in business have the uncanny ability to stay motivated, focus on high-profit opportunities, and consistently make more money in less time so they have the freedom to enjoy the “Good Life.”

The good news is that with a little guidance and support, YOU can transform your business into a cash-producing machine that will grow your bank account like a weed.

That’s exactly why I’m going to make myself available to work one-on-one with 8 (maximum) qualified people who are excited about taking their business to the next level.

Let’s get real for a minute...

If you want to work for “The Man” churning out 40-50+ hour work weeks until you're 65 only to make other people rich then there are plenty of “opportunities” for that.

But chances are (if you’re like me anyway), you would much rather plant and water the seeds to your own-making making business that allows you to work independently and enjoy the type of life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

The problem is: starting a business and navigating your way through the minefields while keeping your sanity... IS REALLY TOUGH!

But you know what? Even if you’ve got your business going…

Chances Are You’ve Found Yourself Hitting An Income Ceiling and a Time Ceiling – and Because You Don’t Know How to Break Through Them – You’ve Probably Slipped Right Back Into A Comfort Zone Where You Achieve Less Than You Want…

And maybe you feel frustrated.

Especially when you see other business owners succeeding… increasing their wealth by leaps and bounds, year after year – while you’re still in your same house, driving your same cars… telling yourself that, “Next year will be different… things will get better.”

But it doesn’t get better.

And that ceiling you’ve hit, just bears-down on you harder and harder.
But it doesn’t have to be this way… not for you…

Look – if you’re serious about building a business that will set you free, or starting a business that will set you free – both financially and time-wise – then pay careful attention and continue reading the rest of this letter word for word.

I’m Willing To Risk $500 That I Can Help YOU Make More Money, Grow Your Business Faster and Help You Find The Freedom That You Truly Desire...

You see, every business I ever look at typically has some incredible low-hanging ‘fruit’ or opportunity they are not cashing in on. In fact, I’m so sure of it I am willing to stake $500 of my own money to prove to you that’s the case. (You’ll learn more about my confident wager later on down this page.)

But first...

Here’s 4 reasons why working with a coach will help you to make more money, avoid costly mistakes, and grow your business as quickly as possible:

Reason #1: Clarify Your Direction

The sad truth is that most people are simply spinning their wheels: they may be struggling and working their tails off, but it doesn’t matter if they are going in the wrong direction.

When it comes to business, a lack of clarity is a freedom “death sentence.”

Let’s face it, even if you were only meeting a friend for coffee you would want to know where to meet, the specific time, and how to get there. In fact, you would probably go so far as to have the exact address, printed directions and a fancy GPS device to make sure you didn’t spend 5 minutes going the wrong way.

So why aren’t you doing the same for your business?

This first highly valuable aspect of the coaching process ensures that every minute you spend in your business is time that will yield high dividends to reaching your ultimate destination.

Specifically, we will work to:

  • Create specific, compelling goals that create a powerful DESIRE deep within you
  • Eliminate common roadblocks that ultimately lead the most well-intentioned entrepreneurs to give up
  • Help you see the “Big Picture” of your desired outcome and break it down into simple steps that you will feel passionate and energized about completing
  • Model highly successful people in your field who have already done the “heavy lifting” for you

Here’s the best part: when you know where you’re going and are passionate about getting there... You actually HAVE FUN in the process! (Sounds crazy right?!)

Ok, so now that you know where you are going, you need to know how to get there. That brings us to...

Reason #2: Strategize Your Actions

The second overarching theme of the coaching process is to design and implement proven and effective strategies.

These include:

  • Learning NLP influence and persuasion techniques that gets prospects excited to do business with you
  • Sales strategies that generate more money, longer lasting relationships with clients and quality referrals
  • Marketing techniques that are proven generate more prospects and turn those prospects into long-term clients
  • Time management strategies that will enable you get more done in less time and give you the freedom that you really want
  • Business systems that create leverage and a method for long-term growth
  • Financial strategies for creating long-term wealth and prosperity

Look, there is no need to toil away re-inventing the wheel. It is MUCH easier to implement a few well-designed strategies into your business or sales process and watch the money start pouring in on its own!

Reason #3: To Help Master Your Psychology

You’ve probably heard that on the road to success their are many bumps along the way. That is why a core concept of the coaching process is to develop an inner psychology that is ripe for success.

This “inner game” component is incredibly valuable because it directly translates into all areas of your life. In fact, after you master your psychology in ‘money-making’ realm of your life you will surely notice an increase in your personal confidence as a whole. And this has tremendous benefits to your overall health and happiness.

That’s why we will work together to give you the tools to help you master your psychology and light your inner furnace for success.

You’ll learn...

  • How to put yourself in a championship state instantly
  • Create empowering beliefs in yourself and your ability
  • How to remove limiting beliefs that in the past have prevented you from truly getting what you want
  • How to SEE and SEIZE the countless opportunities that are in front of you

Reason #4: To Hold You Accountable

And of course... one of the most valuable aspects of having a personal coach to help guide you is so that you are held accountable.

Even if you have the goal to make an extra million dollars this year AND you’ve outlined a plan to get there... You still have to put one foot in front of the other to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this is where many well-intentioned entrepreneurs fail.

For example: I’m sure you’ve heard stories of a celebrity who absolutely has to get in shape for a movie role...

They don’t just get a gym membership, buy a new pair of shoes and then goof around on the treadmill for a few weeks before calling it quits. In fact, many times they have MILLIONS of dollars riding on them getting in peak-shape.

So how do they do it? Well, they get a coach that works side-by-side with them who holds them accountable for getting results. Because even when we have a big motivation for reaching our goals, it can be all-too comfortable to do the minimum amount necessary to simply “get-by.”

In fact, a 1999 study by Brigham Young University PROVES that your chances for success dramatically improve when you create a system of accountability:

?coach mentor

These four steps of the coaching process help to ensure that you will reach levels of success that you’ve never even dreamt were possible.

But let’s get down to brass tacks for a minute...

All it takes is one technique, one idea, one magic bullet to transform your business into a CASH COW.

And, let me tell you - I have a ton of them for you.


Introducing The Custom NLP Sales & Business Growth Coaching Program

This intensive coaching program forces you to be successful and get massive results. I will be working with YOU one-On-One to Dissect your business and find All the hidden money-Making Opportunities

I have a bit of a confession to make... Each year I spend thousands of dollars on business training. I guess you could say that I’m kind of a “junkie” when it comes to soaking up information and learning the latest proven tips and techniques that will help my business grow.

But - no matter how much money I have ever spent on products or group workshops, nothing has compared to the value of having a coach be there for personal, one-to-one advice and accountability. And that’s exactly why I have decided to handpick 8 passionate entrepreneurs who I will work with individually.

As much as I love conducting group workshops and trainings, nothing will make your business grow faster than working directly with someone who has been there before.

When you apply for the Custom NLP Sales & Business Growth Coaching Program we will arrange coaching calls over the phone to ensure the success of your business.


Here is just a taste of what you will learn and apply to your business immediately:

  • An ingenious method for generating referrals from customers
  • How to “expand” customer purchases… so that they automatically buy MORE when they finally do buy
  • The beliefs and psychological strategies of entrepreneurs who consistently make money… year after year…
  • What you must do to reach the ultimate goals that you have… in the fastest, most efficient way possible
  • How to shatter limiting beliefs once and for all with this powerful NLP mind-enhancing technique
  • A dangerous mistake bigger companies make that leads to HUGE employee turnover and lost money (If you plan on growing your company and want your employees to stick around, you must avoid THIS)
  • My method for getting inside the heads of your customers and find out exactly WHY they buy your products… so you can push these “hot buttons” even MORE
  • Why fear is the motivator of most successful entrepreneurs (and why this can be a good thing, and a bad thing… and what to do if YOU are motivated by fear)
  • Just Starting Out?  How to know what Business is right for you and your goals.
  • The Pareto Principle – in a way you’ve never considered it before… if you’ve even bothered to consider it, or don’t have a clue what it is!
  • How to enter a peak state instantly (your clients will be drawn in by your personal magnetism and go out of their way to work with you)
  • The 55% of non-verbal communication (learn how to read the subtle cues that your clients are telling you or you’ll miss out on huge opportunities)
  • The highly persuasive NLP Value Elicitation Technique (this technique shows you exactly what to say and how to say it to make your prospects desperately desire to work with you)
  • Learn how to speak your client’s primary representation system (avoid costly “disconnects” and gain an instant advantage over your competition)
  • How to put your prospects into a highly emotional “buying state” by using this one simple NLP technique
  • 5 powerfully effective ways to use “NLP Anchoring” in your business for ‘instant persuasion’ with your clients
  • How to control the “mental movies” your clients are playing in their mind using specific hypnotic language patterns
  • Why adding a few embedded commands into your sales “pitch” can dramatically increase its effectiveness
  • Learn how to discover your prospect's “buying strategy” (Your prospects will literally give you the step-by-step roadmap so you know exactly how to sell to them)
  • How this one simple NLP technique can literally make objections disappear instantly. (Learn how to do this before objections even come up!)
  • Learn how to create instant rapport with your prospects and clients (you can even do this over the phone if you never even meet your clients)
  • The 3 stages of the sales process. (Most salespeople completely miss the most important step!)
  • Learn the process that will help you work less and generate longer (and MUCH more valuable) client relationships
  • Why what you’ve learned about open and closed-ended questions is dead WRONG (and what you should be doing instead)
  • The “Question Tree” (what it is and how you can use it maximize your sales)
  • How to use stories in your sales process to build value, create deep rapport and overcome objections
  • Which “Influence Factors” to use to blow past the competition and significantly raise your perceived value
  • Why you need to help your clients “connect the dots” in order for them to want to work with you (and the #1 method for doing this quickly and easily)
  • My favorite “Closing Line” and how I have used it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissioned sales
  • How to increase the amount your charge for your products and services by setting the correct “frames” up front
  • How to position yourself as the expert so you are paid like an advisor (and not like a typical salesperson)
  • Why you should never “handle” objections (learn what the majority of salespeople do WRONG that prevents the sale
  • How to get your prospects off the “fence” (So you will never hear the dreaded, “Let me think about it” again!)
  • What to do if the buying process takes more than one meeting (and common mistakes that ruin the chances of ever closing the deal)
  • The most valuable stage in the buying process happens AFTER your clients have made their purchase. (I’m SHOCKED that so many people don’t implement these simple steps to dramatically increase their business)
  • Learn the secrets that most people will NEVER know about putting your business on autopilot)
  • How to create loyal, life-long clients that will have you rolling in the dough year-in and year-out
  • Learn the most important step after landing any long-term coaching or consulting client (WARNING: skipping this step will lead to angry clients and a significant waste of your time!)
  • How to generate referrals from your clients like clock-work. (It all comes down to how you “frame” this process)
  • The 2 simple phrases that will make your clients HAPPY to refer truckloads of business to you. (And they don’t require you to offer any type of commission, bonus, or finder’s fee). Do this right and it’s like FREE MONEY!
  • How to sell over the phone. (Learn the essential skills that will generate massive revenue for your business and avoid common, costly mistakes).
  • How to create powerful “hooks” that get people asking YOU about your products or services over the phone (even if you’ve never talked to them before)
  • The most important aspect to remember when “closing” over the phone. (This is the primary step that causes heartache and keeps phone-sales people BROKE)
  • Learn the process to eliminating cold-calling once and for all and finally get your prospects excited to call YOU!
  • Group Sales: Master the art of selling to groups of people at once (Only learn this is you’re ready for a swarm of hungry buyers to rush you after your presentation)
  • A simple method for attracting buyers that you’ve probably never thought of before (the beauty is you are actually teaching them HOW to buy from you!)

By now I’m sure you realize the tremendous value of having a coach help guide you through the process of making more money in your business.

But just in case you have any doubt as to whether this is “no-brainer” for your business, I want to offer you an ‘ethical bribe’ to get you off fence...

Let me introduce...

$1,430 In FREE Bonuses To Help You Generate Massive Results In Your Business Quickly

As part of the NLP Sales Coaching program, I’m going to be offering the best bonus package that I’ve EVER offered.

This bonus package will help transform you and your business into a cohesive money-making machine in the shortest time possible.

Here’s what’s in the bonus package...

75-Minute Financial Breakthrough Session ($435 Value)

In this phone consultation we will work together and find the biggest money-making opportunities for your business.

My clients have told me that just this single phone session was worth their entire investment in my coaching program.

WHY? Because most entrepreneurs I work with are just inches away from generating explosive growth in their businesses. All it takes is a little outside perspective to find that missing piece of the puzzle.

That’s why in this Financial Breakthrough Session we will use the most powerful and effective NLP techniques to destroy your previous limitations send you on the path to MASSIVE PROFITS in your business as quickly as possible.

My Client Exclusive E-mail Address ($250 Value)

Even though we will be working one-on-one together during our coaching sessions, I know that questions and concerns can come up at any time.

That’s why I will be giving the members of this coaching group access to my client-exclusive email address that goes straight to my personal account. Now I don’t promise to respond to your email with lightning-quick speed - I do go outside and have a fun social life, you know :-) ...but I will get back to you within a few days at least.

And because I am only accepting a small number of clients into this personalized coaching program, I will be there to answer your pressing questions and help you with money-making strategies.

The Time Management Training Course
(Digital Video - $197 Value)

While working in several different industries as a salesperson, launching online businesses and helping entrepreneurs as a coach, I have learned something VERY interesting: I discovered that Time Management and personal productivity is one of the SINGLE biggest areas of frustration for most people.

And with good reason...

Working in an office pulling levers is challenging, but working independently (especially from home) can be even MORE challenging.

When you work for someone else, you have a built-in structure, and a set of routines that help you get more done each day (well...that’s the idea anyway).

When you work independently, you have to manage YOURSELF.

And it comes down to this...

After consulting with entrepreneurs and coaching sales and business people like yourself, the ones who can manage their time the best end up making MORE MONEY and doing it in LESS TIME!

Many of them just seem more happy as well considering they always know the next step to take and are able to avoid frustration and confusion.

That’s why I am including the Time Management Training Course for FREE when you become a member of my business coaching club.

This entire training was done by my colleague Jason Fladlien who works from home making several hundred thousand dollars at his online business. The coolest thing is that he has only had this online business for a few years and cites his success on his ability to get more done in less time.

Jason implements some great NLP techniques into this course and also teaches a ton of VERY VALUABLE internet marketing and business lessons along the way.

In just a few short hours you will learn the principles to getting more done and less time and make the changes so this will become AUTOMATIC for you.

You can use the principles in this course to get the same amount of work done in far less time - preferring to spend more time on vacation or with friends and loved ones...

Or it might mean that you work the same amount and get two or three times the results.

Either way, you’re going to find that this program COMPLETELY changes your levels of energy, focus, results, and productivity.

When you apply this Time Management Training Course to your business I can assure you it will be worth hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to you... and you get it for FREE with my Sales Coaching program.


“Press ‘Send’ Make Money”
16-Part Video Training Course on How To Build A Highly Profitable Email List ($197 Value)

Imagine being able to create multiple sources of income and bring in big dollar sales simply by pressing the ‘Send’ button on your email.

In this 16-part video training course you will learn everything you need to know to build a loyal email list of raving fans.

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners fail to do in their business is build a marketing funnel that attracts prospects and educates them on why they need to give you their business.

You’ve probably heard that very few sales are made on the first attempt. This course not only shows you how to follow up with your prospects and sell to them automatically but also details some tricks and tactics to generate a storm of eager buyers into your business.

Look... the reason why you are reading this letter from me (and why I have been able to make a full-time living working from anywhere I choose) is because you are on my email list.

To be blunt: if you aren’t creating an email list then you are losing out on EASY MONEY!

But don’t worry... this video course walks you through the process and shows you how (even if you aren’t a computer genius).

The “Inner Game” Hypnosis Package
The Complete Confidence & Millionaire Mindset Hypnosis Programs ($254 Value)

Creating rock-solid confidence and having the inner mindset that attracts wealth into your life are crucial to having a successful business.

As you have already learned, your beliefs about what you can accomplish will greatly determine your success in business.

Most of the people that you see struggling day after day simply have never learned how to change their internal ‘programming’ and it keeps them stressed, over-worked and unhappy.

These two hypnosis programs are immensely popular and work to train your subconscious mind for success.

Now is the time to supercharge your business by fueling your internal fire so you create unstoppable passion and motivation in yourself and your business.

Also Included In This Special Bonus Package:

5 Valuable Business Reports ($97 Value)


  • “3 Deadly Mistakes Small Businesses Make”
  • “Center of Influence Marketing”
  • “Increase Your Profits by 20% In the Next 90 Days”
  • “Referral Marketing”
  • “Turn Twice As Many Prospects Into Customers In 4 Weeks”

Just this limited bonus package is worth over $1,400.00!

...And that pales in comparison to how much extra money you will make after you use each program!

As you can see, I’ve done my absolute best to make sure that you get the absolute best business training available.

I know you’re probably chomping at the bit and excited to get started, but you may have a few more questions before you’re ready to apply for the coaching program.

In plain, simple language here are the...

Frequently Asked Questions

For This Ultimate, Take-You-By-The-Hand and Force You To Succeed Sales & Business Growth Coaching Program

How many coaching clients are you going to accept?

I am only accepting EIGHT (8) coaching clients.

How come you are only accepting 8 clients for your coaching program?

I’m only accepting 8 clients because I work with each client individually (over the phone or in person) and create a custom program that will benefit them and their business the most.

Plus, I currently run other businesses that need my attention. Oh yeah, I also make time for FUN, FRIENDS & FAMILY (and so should you!)

How long will you be accepting applications?

I will be closing down this page as soon as I fill all 8 spots or have enough qualified applicants. That’s why you should take 5-10 minutes right now and fill out the application before I take down this page. It won’t take long to fill all 8 coaching spots and I can’t promise this page will be up if you wait much longer.

Is there a cost to apply to the coaching program?


Who is this program for?

This coaching program is for anyone who is looking to make more money in their business or career. Anyone with high-income potential will get huge gains on their investment in this training. I also love to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

(I will not work with anyone who is unethical, dishonest or who wants to learn influential techniques that they will use to harm others).

How will the coaching be conducted?

Coaching for this program will be conducted over the phone (or via Skype) on a weekly basis or a set schedule we agree upon.

Are you available for LIVE coaching?

Yes. Live coaching can be difficult to arrange since I’m busy and travel frequently. However, if you’re interested in live coaching then let me know and we will try to work it out! I live in Las Vegas but will visit any major US city (and fun cities abroad as well).

Are you willing to work with corporations or do group trainings.

Yes. Just mention this on the application and we will discuss it over the phone.

Is the coaching program available to people who live outside of the US?

Absolutely. I’ve worked with clients from all over the world!

What happens after I apply?

I will be reading through each application individually and pull 10-20 that I believe will be the best fit for this coaching program.

I will call these people personally (or arrange for them to call me) so we can discuss the details of the coaching program and make sure it’s a good fit for both of us. You will most likely get a response from me within a day or two.

So what’s up with this $500 wager?

If after 30 days of coaching you don’t feel like it’s been worth the investment you’ve made then I will give you back your money and send you a $500 check for your time. It may sound crazy but I am THAT confident you will benefit from this program that I’m putting up $500 just to prove it.

Because I only work with entrepreneurs who I know will see a tremendous return on their investment in my coaching, I have never had an unsatisfied client.

Your only risk is if you don’t take action.

What does it cost?

I truly believe that for the right applicant this training will cost nothing and it will be one of the most valuable investments you can make to grow your business quickly.

Since I work with each client individually (and create a custom coaching package based on their needs) there is no “one-size-fits-all” training. However, when we speak on the phone I will tell you about a few options that I think will work best for you.

Currently, my business and sales coaching packages start at $850. If you don’t think your business (and your personal financial livelihood) is worthy of an $850 investment then this program is not for you.

How will I receive the bonuses?

You will get access to the members-only website where you can download all the bonuses. We will setup your Financial Breakthrough Session when you are accepted to the program.

Is this coaching program open for anyone?

Yes, as long as you are friendly, coachable and fun.

What can I do to assure myself a spot for coaching?

Because I make sure to only work with entrepreneurs who I am confident will get a great return on their investment in my coaching, there isn’t anything that will absolutely guarantee you a spot.

The best thing you can do is fill in the application and be as detailed and specific as possible.

You have a lot going on, why are you doing individual coaching?

Because I absolutely LOVE working with entrepreneurs on a personal, one-to-one basis! It has been my passion throughout my entire life... I started selling gum-balls at my family reunion when I was 5 years old and haven’t looked back :)

...I’ve since graduated from one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the US (Lloyd Greif center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the USC Marshall School of Business), started successful businesses in multiple markets, and I continue to invest my time and money learning the best sales, marketing and business growth strategies.

PLUS- as a certified NLP Trainer and Personal Development Coach I know how to help YOU grow your business fast.


I know you’re excited to get started.

Please understand one thing – this kind of coaching is nearly impossible to find, at any price.  There simply aren’t that many people on the planet who’ve been through what I’ve been through – who know what I know – who are willing to offer their time and energy in this way.

After all… stop and think about what that could mean for you…
Seriously consider it.

If you REALLY think your business has the potential to turn into a “freedom-machine” for you and your family…

If you REALLY think your business may be “primed” to take-off…

And if you’re REALLY ready to shift your mental game so that you can believe it before you see it all unfold– then you’re ready to claim your spot in my “Custom NLP Sales & Business Growth Coaching Program”.

So are you ready to adjust your mental game for massive success?  You really can live the life you’ve always wanted – I can show you the way.  A new life is waiting for you… if you can get this ONE lesson:

The Biggest Barrier to Your Biggest Success Is Your Own Belief About What’s Possible For You…

I’ve done it… my clients have done it… now you can do it too!

Starting right now you must believe that you can win in business, have the same success as your predecessors in my program, and build the business and income of your dreams.

You’re no different – and you can achieve greatness, too!

If You’re Ready to Get More Serious About Building Yourself An Empire Of Personal and Financial Freedom – It’s Time You Scored Some Intense Coaching With an Honest Pro Who Can Take You There...


So… if you’re still reading – and you still haven’t taken action… then you must be questioning if investing your money to get my coaching on how to build a solid, self-sustaining, prospering business is actually worth your time and money?

Here’s my response:

Are you kidding me?

By not taking a chance on my program, you may struggle forever.  And still never discover the true secrets of building a business that will prosper without your involvement.  You can read another 200 books and courses and go to another dozen seminars on the subject… and still not “get it”.

I can’t even begin to understand anyone (who is serious about business and success) who would not JUMP on this opportunity immediately.

If you’re still questioning the viability of this coaching… I can assure you – this coaching program is not for you.

But most realistic businessmen and women KNOW they need some kind of coaching to get themselves over the “hump.”  It’s a fact! 


I wouldn’t let another heartbeat skip by before applying for this personalized sales and business coaching program.  I never get stingy when there’s a chance I could change my life forever.  It’s always an investment in my mind.

But we’re not talking about me, are we?

We’re talking about you.

Your future.  Your business.  Your life!

And all I can tell you is this: If you feel your business has so much more potential… and if you often feel discouraged because it’s just not taking off like you thought it would… I personally promise you things will get so much better for you with this coaching.

Lastly… think of this:

When was the last time you really had fun? Think for a second.  Not just a giggle now and then… but when you had a big, stupid smile stretched across your face and you were laughing your guts out and feeling like you did when you were just a kid playing?

If it’s been over a month my friend – then you’ve got to ask yourself: Why am I working so hard?

Life it too short to work it all away.  It’s also too precious.

Do yourself a big favor… get back to living again – won’t you?  Whether it’s with this coaching or through some other way… You owe it to yourself.

“YES, Tim! I'm Ready To Join The Custom NLP Sales & Business Growth Coaching Program So I Can Learn The Strategies That Will Grow My Business FAST!

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can apply for one of the eight (8) available coaching spots completely risk free.




I also realize that this is an amazing opportunity for customized, one-on-one business coaching from entrepreneur and Certified NLP Trainer Tim Tarango.

Customized business and sales training packages (including the $1,430 worth of FREE bonuses) start at only $850, and if my application is accepted I will speak to Tim Tarango over the phone to work out the details and start creating my customized business training program immediately